The Cultural Agency


Created on 1st February 2008, the Agence culturelle départementale Dordogne-Périgord (Dordogne-Périgord Departmental Cultural Agency) is a public body set up to balance cultural provision by reducing the disparity in access to art between urban and rural areas.  Every year it puts together a varied programme – music, dance, theatre, circus arts and visual arts – in association with its partners in the Department.  It relies mainly on a network of artists with whom it has created strong bonds over the years.  For the visual arts this involves the group L’Art est Ouvert (Art is Open).  It also lends support to original initiatives based in the region and which contribute to the richness of local cultural life.  With a constant desire to reach a wider audience, it is an essential component of the departmental program for art education, alongside the state and the region authorities.

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