A large area of roofing was damaged by the storm of December 1999 and a detailed study was commissioned from the Chief Architect of Historic Monuments in order to definde the necessary restoration work. This study, approved in February 2000, required the removal and replacement of the worst affected parts as well as the renewal of the associated timber work and some dormer windows.  The work was carried out in a single phase from 18 September 2000 to December 2002.

The walls of the moat, the bridge and the Château enclosure were reconstructed as identical to the original. Certain parts of the masonry had completely collapsed, while the tops of walls and coping stones were in poor condition on all the stonework. This damage was mainly caused by the lack of rain water drainage, invasive plant growth and….the passage of time. Work focused on rebuilding walls and installing weepholes to provide for the natural drainage of infiltrated rain water. Cracks were mended, wall tops reconstructed and coping stones replaced.

The low walls of the south courtyard were rebuilt once the invasive plants were removed, while the railings were treated and sealed.  The access ramp to the moat on the left of the bridge was cleared and repaved with recycled stones.  The small supporting west wall which forms a terrace against the enclosure wall was rebuilt as it as once the ground had been reshaped to allow proper drainage.  The ground at the entrance to the south gate was re-laid in cobblestones in keeping with the ancient style.

château de Monbazillac travaux 2010

Replacement of all the wooden-frame windows on all 4 storeys of the south and east facades with rectangular leaded glass windows to restore cohesion and consistency to the Château since they were originally fitted with leaded glass windows. The previous windows dated from the 19th and 20th centuries, suffered from leaks, were practically unusable and were in different styles and models.

Château de Monbazillac travaux 2012Replacement of all windows on 4 storeys of the north and west facades with rectangular leaded lights.  The frames were restored and cleared of all metal work (old shutter hinges) and the higher areas (the two levels of dormer windows above the rampart walk) cleaned, restored and repointed.

Château de Monbazillac travaux 2013A new phase in the continuing works on the higher areas of masonry.  This program will involve the application of a treatment to remove the lichen which has spread profusely, the cleaning of the stone work to reveal its original color and the restoration of exterior walls mainly by simple repointing.

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