Experience the passion at the heart of the vineyard: experience the present

A new 300m2 museum space devoted to winegrowing and winemaking

The museum space devoted to Monbazillac wines stimulates visitors’ senses and sets them at the heart of the world’s largest sweet wine region. It enables audiences of all kinds to explore the secrets and particular features of this golden nectar, through its history, its region, its winemakers and their expertise.
300m2 where the whole wine world comes to life!

Visitors at the heart of an immersive exhibition

Visitors can enjoy various interactive and collaborative experiences to satisfy their curiosity. This ‘Noble Wine’ exhibition will set out the regional and winemaking identity of Monbazillac across various themed areas through which visitors can stroll as they choose. A large-scale wall projection showcases the beauty of the vineyards at a glance and brings the Monbazillac landscape to life in harmony with nature. This ‘mapping’ fully immerses visitors in the heart of the Dordogne and invites them on a journey to experience the rhythm of the seasons and surrender to the wonderfully slow processes of contemplation and discovery. Interviews with winemakers and the cellar master punctuate the route, with a dialogue being established between men and women. Visitors will also be able to refresh their knowledge by consulting infographics, offering up ancestral expertise that has been passed down through multiple generations.

Do you really know the language of wine?

  • What is the difference between limestone, limestone-clay, gravelly, or boulbènes soils with decarbonated molasses?
  • What aromas develop in a Semillon Blanc, a Sauvignon Blanc or Gris, or a Muscadelle?
  • What tasks are completed in the spring, summer and autumn?
  • How do winemaking, pressing, fermentation, filtration, assembly and maturation work?
  • Do you know about wine’s organoleptic qualities?
  • Do you really know how to taste wine?

The exhibition will answer all of these questions, with the answers showcased in videos, photographs, infographics, illustrations and audio that will delight visitors on this interactive tour..