Journey to the heart of the Protestant revolts and the Bacalan family: touching the past

The chateau offers an open, immersive tour that guides visitors through the French Wars of Religion up to the French Revolution, following in the footsteps of the Bacalan family.

First exhibition

« Monbazillac, at the Heart of the Protestant Revolts »

This first exhibition tells some of the story of Bergerac, a major Protestant centre past and present, and showcases the links between Monbazillac wines and the region’s Protestant past.
It is split into two rooms that follow a chronological order: one is devoted to the beginnings of the Reformation in Périgord, the other focuses on the impact of Huguenot commerce and its benefits for Bergerac’s economic development. Combining a chronothematic approach with a sensitive, even intimate approach to Protestantism, visitors are invited to embrace the full complexity of the Reformation, with its very close links to the Bergerac region.

Second exhibition 
« The Bacalan Revolution »

In this second exhibition, five entirely interactive rooms use an experience tour to immerse visitors in what the Bacalan family’s life at the chateau might have been like. On 28 August 1791, shortly after the arrest of the king and in the midst of the French Revolution, the Bacalan family returned to the Monbazillac estate. François-Hilaire de Bacalan and Marthe Valleton de Boissière share a meal with their children. This original reconstruction of life at the chateau in the late 18th century allows visitors to explore the private lives of a single family. Its members deliberate, confide in each other, and talk about their hopes and fears.
The tour covers two floors: the ground floor with the dining room, office and portrait gallery, then the first floor which houses the countess’s bedroom and the lounge. In each room, interactive devices bring the space to life and highlight its role. Combining audiovisual immersion, fictional audio narrative and historic approaches, every ingredient is in place to immerse visitors in the grand tale of the Monbazillac estate!