Explore the aromas of Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle: taste the future

Three spaces to taste the future and explore your senses

Aroma pavilion

Located in the chateau courtyard, the aroma pavilion is a space that makes tasting the central experience.
Visitors sit around tables, and are offered three wines with a guided explanation from a team of professionals, offering the participants the keys to the secrets of the wines being tasted. A perfect opportunity for a more in-depth exploration of our wines!
This is a true experience that calls on the senses: eyes for the yellow colour of the wine, nose for the subtlety of the aromas, and the palate for flavours to delight the taste buds. More than just a tasting, we seek to offer a journey that propels each participant into their own particular world. And it is absolutely an opportunity to share and explore!

This adventure for the senses in the aroma pavilion lasts for 30 minutes and is arranged at the beginning of the visit based on the different themes.

Shop space

The entire shop area has been fully renovated to allow visitors a final opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking views of the park and chateau through the bay window.

Françoise, our dynamic shop manager, and her team invite visitors to explore our full range of wines and local produce. The shop spaces will include a large counter where visitors can taste a wine of their choice from our Euphonie range. This essential stop at the end of a tour offers everyone an opportunity to explore the different local products available and take the region’s flavours home: savoury mushroom, goat’s cheese or sweet biscuits, chocolate, nut oils, honey, and of course foie gras, king of palates. Enjoy flavours that will bring back memories and emotions from your visit.

Pavillon Brizay restaurant

Our chef Amaury and his team will welcome guests seeking precious moments. Enjoying a meal means taking the time to enjoy life, and to enhance each dish, you can explore our range of Euphonie wines, red, white or rosé, dry, off-dry or sweet, Bergerac, Pécharmant or Monbazillac, by the glass or by the bottle. Sit beneath the boughs on the terrace with views of the chateau or the vineyard, touch the past, experience the present and taste the future. It is all there for you to see! Seize life, soak up the serenity, take a little time, and turn your visit into an unforgettable experience.


The restaurant space is for visitors with a Monba’licieux, Monbazill’Art or Monbassadeur pass only

Three grape varieties showcasing the mystery of Monbazillac


Semillon brings power and structure to wine blends, particularly when paired with Sauvignon, for which it serves as the primary partner in Monbazillac.
It is a golden yellow colour and offers a wide range of aromas of apricot confit, pineapple or ‘roasted’ mango. The grape variety develops complex spice, honey or mushroom notes.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is the grape variety that winemakers mix with Semillon – the dominant grape. It offers freshness and fruity aromas.
Its light colour comes with hints of green. The grape variety develops herbaceous and fruity notes of citrus and rhubarb, paired with floral hints of elderflower and mineral touches. Its acidity on the palate provides a vibrancy that serves sweet wines well.


In blends, Muscadelle provides floral notes of acacia and honeysuckle as well as fruity notes of peach and apricot, enhanced by a touch of spice. It is soft and smooth on the palate.