Be delight by nature and local produce: preserving the wealth of biodiversity

A children’s area for “little winemakers”

Château de Monbazillac considers welcoming families to be hugely important. The vaulted cellar contains a space devoted to children where they can learn about how vines grow. This fun tour enhanced with puzzles in the form of a scripted game offers children an opportunity to create, at the end, a personalised label to stick on a bottle of grape juice (on sale in the shop).. This discovery area is designed for children aged 6 to 12.. 

And to cap it all, they receive a little prize. At the end of the game, children will make a label for a grape juice bottle. This will then be put in the shop so that they can collect their prize..

Chateau events

Winegrowing is humans’ way of taming chaos! Winemaking is humans’ way of creating flavour! Each time, we must cultivate our minds and offer up the earthly food they deserve.

Montaigne, a humanist from Dordogne, wrote that ‘fertile land creates fertile minds’.

Events will be put on during the summer season, offering an opportunity to talk to a winemaker about various different topics.
You will discover the chateau’s commitment to biodiversity: mating disruption to avoid the use of pesticides, boxes for the pipistrelle bats that keep away the butterflies that threaten the vines, and for the bees that help fertilise the vines.

4 events in the vineyard during the summer season

A nature break

Discover new ways of protecting biodiversity.

Roots and stones

Discover the chateau’s architecture, inspired by the Medieval period and Renaissance style.


Discover how technology can be used to efficiently weed plots.

Meet a winemaker

Discover the men and women who help the vines bear fruit.